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Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT)

Documents as per Chapter-II Section 4(b)

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Department of Electronics and Information Technology


Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT)

Serial Number Name Designation
1. Dr. Gulshan Rai Director General
2. Shri B. J. Srinath Scientist G
3. Shri A. S. Kamble Scientist G
4. Shri Amardeep Singh Chawla Scientist F
5. Shri Anil Sagar Scientist F
6. Ms. Savita Utreja Scientist F & AFA
7. Shri M. Ezajuddin Scientist E
8. Shri S. S. Sharma Scientist E
9. Shri Omveer Singh Scientist E
10. Shri Ajay Lakra Scientist E
11. Shri Subodh V. Akulwar Scientist D
12. Shri Pankaj Sharma Scientist D
13. Shri Subrahmani Babu Scientist C
14. Shri Bhupendra Kumar Scientist C
15. Ms. Dimple Arora Scientist C
16. Ms. Ruchi Gola Scientist C
17. Shri Bhupendra Singh Awasya Scientist C
18. Shri Mohd Akram Khan Scientist C
19. Shri Sani Abhilash G. I. Scientist C
20. Shri Vaddi Venkateswara Rao Scientist C
21. Shri Ashutosh Bahuguna Scientist C
22. Shri Navneet Scientist C
23. Shri Noorul Ameen A. Scientist C
24. Shri Krishna Kumar Scientist C
25. Shri V. P. Singh SO / SB
26. Shri Pradeep. Kumar Shami Private Secretary(SSN)
27. Smt. Veena Chauhan Private Secretary(BJS)
28. Smt. Suparna Sharma Personal Assistant
29. Smt. Seema Satija Personal Assistant(on roll of CCA)(GR)
30. Shri Ishwar Singh Personal Assistant(ASK)
31. Shri Sanjay Kumar Staff Car Driver


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